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Heading to Dubai Expo 2020 this weekend? Here’s what not to miss:

Connecting minds, creating the future; after making us wait for another year, Expo 2020 Dubai is finally here. Celebrating the best of the human spirit – from an unprecedented cultural programme and pioneering feats of innovation, to inspiring immersive experiences, the Expo offers a vibrant glimpse of our interconnected tomorrow.

Expo 2020’s Inspiring Districts

Al Wasl Plaza that connects the districts features the worlds largest projection dome. All images courtesy Expo 2020 Dubai
Al Wasl Plaza that connects the districts, features the world’s largest projection dome. All images courtesy: Expo 2020 Dubai


From faster-than-light connectivity and green initiatives that promise of a better future, three themed districts and an impressive public plaza are the focal point of the global event.

Cutting-Edge Country Pavilions

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Inspired by the falcon, the UAE pavilion features dynamic panels that symbolize the bird in flight. The pavilion was designed by Santiago Calatrava. Photo credit: Barbara Burg + Oliver Schuh

From UAE, the host country’s kinetic pavilion and Saudi Arabia’s futuristic building, to India’s shape-shifting pavilion, Pakistan’s vibrant structure and New Zealand’s pulsating showcase, Expo 2020 Dubai is host to some of the most exciting country pavilions that bring exploratory architecture together with interactive storytelling and inspiring cultural programming.

Experience Virgin Hyperloop

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Experience the future of travel and transportation at Expo 2020 Dubai. There has been so much talk about the Hyperloop coming to the UAE, and yet, much of the project itself has been shrouded in mystery – till now. Get a glimpse of the Virgin Hyperloop here.

Walk Around A Mysterious Water Feature

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Situated between Al Wasl Plaza and Jubilee Park, the Expo 2020 Water Feature combines the elements of water, earth and fire in a way that both surprises and delights.

Take A Break At The Flying Park

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Garden in the Sky is arguably the best vantage point on the site. Photo Credit: MAHMOUD KHALED

Offering 360-degree views of the Expo 2020 Dubai site, Garden in the Sky might just be your best bet to soak in the energy and vibrancy of the wondrous event.

Discover Equinox, Terra Sustainability Pavilion’s Captivating Installation

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Envisaged by Matt Collishaw, the installation is a poetic retelling of the fragility of our insect ecosystem. Photo Credit: Dany Eid
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The Dutch Pavilion’s monumental vertical farm, Latvia’s immersive ‘Sounding Forest’, Singapore’s solar powered hanging gardens, Malaysia’s Rainforest Canopy and Switzerland’s virtual hike through a foggy landscape… Expo 2020 Dubai tackles environmental issues in accessible, informative and fun ways that promise to positively impact our appreciation, understanding and advocacy of our planet’s most pressing matters.

Discover A New Generation of Regional Design

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MENASA – Emirati Design Platform celebrates cross-cultural collaboration.

Telling stories of the UAE through exclusive design collections developed for Expo 2020 Dubai, the Expo’s MENASA – Emirati Design Platform presents more than 40 local and international designers.

The Feather-Light Expo Portals

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Welcoming visitors to the site, the portals embody the spirit of the expo.

Woven entirely from strands of carbon-fibre composite, the portals that took architect Asif Khan three years to develop are the first thing that visitors will see as they set foot in the site that is larger than 600 football fields and features some of the most exciting innovations in architecture, design and art.

The Kaleidoscope Lighting Festival

Osama Zaid AlZbeidis illuminated landscapes at Expo 2020 Dubai.
Osama Zaid Al-Zbeidi’s illuminated landscapes at Expo 2020 Dubai.

A stunning outdoor night-time light festival will bring Expo 2020 Dubai’s site to life for the mega-event’s entire six months. Visually striking and emotionally resonating, Kaleidoscope will harness the beauty of photography, light and visual arts, connecting Expo 2020’s impactful initiatives, global entertainment, and international festivals such as Diwali and Christmas, to tell powerful stories of the human experience. Plus, Expo Beats, a unique monthly festival will take visitors on a journey around the globe through music, dance, creativity and Expo’s collaborative music series, Late Nights @ Expo.

Before you head out to Expo 2020 Dubai, here is everything you need to plan your visit.