Why should you pay with Crypto instead of a bank transfer ?

As crypto currency becomes more mainstream, here’s why it is more convenient to pay with crypto currency instead of the ...
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women pushing an airplane women in the airlines industry

Thought of the Week: Gender Diversity in the Aviation Industry Is Vital to Its Development.

Air transport is the backbone of many economies across Africa and is critical for the integration of the African continent ...
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man walking in dubai traditional clothing

Heading to Dubai Expo 2020 this weekend? Here’s what not to miss:

Connecting minds, creating the future; after making us wait for another year, Expo 2020 Dubai is finally here. Celebrating the ...
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People riding a bike in Copenhagen

What City was crowned the Safest City for 2021?

Safety has long been a paramount concern for travelers when it comes to deciding which destination to visit. But the ...
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ustainable fuel sticker on a jet

While we wait for Electric Planes, Sustainable Fuel may be the Answer for the Climate Crisis

More than 50 airlines including Delta, BP and Boeing, pledged on Wednesday to replace 10% of global jet fuel supply ...
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World Ozone Day Banner

Do Your Part: 5 Easy Ways You Can Protect the Ozone Layer

Rewind to the spring of 1975, when scientists in Antarctica detected an appalling drop in Ozone concentration in which reached ...
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Ideal cities for remote work

Adapting to the New Norm: The 6 Ideal Destinations for Working Remotely

The pandemic has changed how and where we work from drastically. With more individuals working from the comfort of their ...
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a hand holding a EUDCC on mobile

The EU’s Digital COVID Certificate is Now Live

Digital green pass; vaccine passport, EUDCC: What is it and who can use it? We’ve heard a lot in the ...
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